• Sarshika

If you never try, you will never know. So Love, Dream and Fly!

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

My teenage days were close to perfect. I had a very understanding and loving family who let me be what ever I wanted to be and amazing friends who loved me and cared for me. But like any teenager, I wanted something more from life and I was always looking for something that would make me happier. I did my college in Chennai, India where I was born and raised by my grandmother (My Avva, that’s how I called her) who is my inspiration. She was one of a kind as her views and thoughts were so unlike anyone from her generation or even ours for that matter. She was calm, patient, tech savvy, feminist (In the right way), idealist, and the list goes on. I became a fan of Jennifer Lopez because my Avva was her biggest fan. Yep! You read it right, she loved Jlo. My granny’s perception of “The way of Life” was something I couldn’t understand till recently.

Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when it’s a choice between where you should be and where you want to be.

There comes a point in everyone’s life where you are required to make a life changing decision without knowing how it might change your life forever. The decision making process is a big gamble and it can turn out to be good or really bad for you. One such decision I had made was to leave behind everything and everyone I loved and move to Australia as I was hoping that I would find there “something” that would make me happy and successful in life. I was paranoid but I still went ahead and moved to Melbourne to pursue my higher studies.

The whole preparation for me was nerve wrecking but I enjoyed it because I could shop a lot and buy whatever I wanted for my stay in Melbourne. I was just like any college going girl those days and I dint have a very big wardrobe. I just wore the same limited clothes over and over again till it faded. More than a decade ago, Chennai did not have numerous malls or clothing stores like today. I still remember buying a lot of pants, t-shirts and jackets from Levis for the first time in my life as I never found the need for them before. I guess that was the first time I figured out that shopping was my stress buster.

After running around for my Australian university admissions, Student loan from the bank (as my family was not wealthy enough to afford my tuition fee) and my Australian Visa; It was the day for me to leave Chennai to pursue the big Australian Dream. I had to say goodbye to everything and everyone I called mine all my life and get on that plan to a foreign land where I did not know anyone. THAT was the hardest thing I had to do. As I was crying at the airport wondering if I should leave everything behind for a fate that was unknown and scary, my granny like always came to my rescue. My granny’s way to make me feel good about anything bad happening around me is by saying “This too shall pass and you will shine as bright as the sun” and when she said that, she really meant it. She wanted me to face all ups and downs in life and become a strong independent lady just like her. That’s exactly what I needed to hear to gain the courage and get on that plane. I let my dreams take flight!

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