• Sarshika

Separation Anxiety and Home sickness is real!

After the culture shock episodes and I finally settled into my new apartment with my friend. Then slowly separation anxiety crept into me. Though I had lived away from home most of my life, the fact that Australia was miles away from home and it was not as easy as getting on a train or bus to meet your family in few hours. You miss home and friends so much but you can't do anything about it. But life had to move on and in my case it was literally flying.

I came from a home where my mom was in charge of the house hold. I did not do anything around the house to help her as I was busy with college and my work. My brother and I always had our meals readily served on our plates and I had never once thought about the effort that went into preparing them. I had taken my mum for granted and never really cared about how much work she was putting into running the house. But here in a land so far away from home, I had to do everything from grocery shopping, cooking to cleaning the entire apartment (including toilets). I slowly started realising how we take certain people for granted and never really appreciate all that they do for us.

I learnt a valuable life lesson within the first few weeks; Never take anyone or anything for granted and always appreciate the people who love you and do everything under the sun to keep you happy.

Somewhere in Melbourne on a cold winter morning, a life from another time!

The next real problem was that I realised that I cannot live off love and fresh air! So I had to find a real job and make my living. My first job was at the university as a Campus Chair person. I was asked to contest for the election by few strangers I met on the first day at uni and I agreed. After few days of campaigning at Uni, surprisingly I won the election and was nominated as the Campus Chair person. I did not know what that even meant till I walked into the Student Union Building and realised that I was the representative of students. I had to speak on behalf of any local or international student who had problems with the university panel regarding their education and well being.

Now the University job did not pay me enough for a living. I could not leave that job as it was a responsibility that I decided to take and I wanted to complete my term successfully as a Campus Chair person. So I had to find another job that paid me enough to cover my living expenses. So I worked at the Uni in the mornings and found myself a job at a restaurant to work in the evenings. Life became so tough for me and I really wanted to have few days where I did nothing but just stayed in bed rested. But I never took a break and my life was going so slowly to a point where it made me depressed. Every time I was depressed or sad, few of my amazing friends and family would cheer me up even when they were thousands of miles away from me. That is when I realised how blessed I was to have such people in my life. All the house hold chores, my jobs and my full time studies kept me so busy that I did not have time to visit my family for those 4 years. Now with all the responsibility on my shoulder, I still successfully completed my Uni. The only thing that kept me going through those 4 years was me. I told myself that its not going to be easy, but I knew it was going to be worth it.

And sometime life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you.

But despite all the struggles, the experiences and lessons make it worth your while. And nothing tops the feeling of finally getting that degree.

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