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Why I fell in love with my life?

Updated: May 29, 2018

This story of mine may sound sad and grim in the beginning, but I promise it moves towards happiness quite quickly.

How would you react if you knew you may never live to see tomorrow? That you may sleep at night and not wake up to see the sun rise again? If you had to be in constant fear of what would happen to you? Instead of living “The Life” that you were blessed with be it short or long, you are in continuous fear that the end may be nearing soon. That actually sums up the last two years of my life.

Gautama Buddha said “There is no path to Happiness: happiness is the path.”

I did not understand what the quote meant till I figured out what happiness meant to me. I realised I was looking for “Happiness” all around me: with people, with material things, and everywhere else. Little did I know, I had everything before and I was about to lose it all to a life I thought would make me happy.

A couple of years ago, I was sure that I would never be able to feel alive, that I would die in a foreign land surrounded by strangers (we will get to these “strangers” in a later post). Even if I did survive my health problems and the mental trauma I had been through, would the society let me live in peace?

Over the course of next few months, every single post that I write chronicles various episodes of my life. Some episodes may be as small as finding the right shade of lipstick for my skin tone and some episodes as big as my cardiologist giving me good news. All these episodes have helped me become the person I am today, Strong, Independent and lover of life.

You may all ask why I would like to share my life story with you and the purpose of my blog? Yes, this is a blog where I will be writing about various products, places, food, and love. Everything that makes a woman happy, but I’m also writing this blog as a memoir of my journey that took me almost to the doorsteps of death and then back again to being surrounded by loved ones.

Stick around, and as you read these posts and you will soon know what I mean. This blog may not benefit all of you, but I’m sure it will definitely help some of you. To be honest, I will be happy if I can change one person’s perspective of life and help them to find joy in their lives.

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